Where has the money gone?

Plenty of money for overseas holidays, warbird planes & new cars etc

How about you pay out shareholders the money you owe them from your sham sale of the island and wind up the company before you and your partners in crime spend all the proceeds?

Liz Needham sale of Slipper Island


2 thoughts on “Where has the money gone?

  1. Anon

    So Liz Needham-Parker has done the same to the Needham Family what Greg Needham did. No wonder they both live in exile. Did the big sister learn from the little brother or did the little brother learn from the big sister?

  2. slippershareholders Post author

    Hi Anon,

    Both “tarred with the same brush”…and displaying the same traits for ripping off family members (along with a couple of others).

    At least Greg didn’t have Nora forcibly removed from Slipper with a trespass notice…and then her possessions burnt…! (same thing happened at Pukekohe)

    Further details soon…


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