Slipper Island Fire

Received notification today (1st Aug 2015) that the top house (lodge) burnt down at Slipper last night.

Not good news to wake up to.

The second suspicious fire on the island involving a director…

Hopefully this “event” will be properly and fully investigated by professionals to identify the cause!

Slipper Fire

Slipper Island top house (lodge) fire ruins 01/08/15

A further update on fire will be posted when further info is received.

Slipper Fire

Slipper fire 31/07/15. Top house (as posted on Facebook)



6 thoughts on “Slipper Island Fire

  1. Lucy

    Well, well, well I believe that the sales person who sold the island has now left real estate and is now working for the new owner on the island.

    1. slippershareholders Post author

      Hi Lucy,

      Nothing would surprise me regarding this “sales person”.

      The island sale was illegal & fraudulent and this a**hole has a lot to answer for along with the directors and Hayes.

      These oxygen thieves think they are above the law and would do anything for a dime (or millions in this case).


      1. Allan

        As the oldest Son of the owner whom sold Slipper Island to the Nedham Family I am shocked to find that the ‘Top House’ which was my past wife and two children’s home with many past entertainment and great experiences has been burnt down, that house was built by the two brothers that bought Slipper Island (Whakahau) from the Maori tribe in the late 1800’s, the house was solid Kauri built in the old fashion way with solid plant interior walls with scrim and wall paper coverings, then decorated with under water scenes on the walls of the huge lounge by noted commemoration of skin divers as gratitude for accommodation on Slipper. This remained as a beautiful mural painting of home point under water scene the whole time we lived in the top house.The huge open fire place heated the lounge during the cooler winter evenings and nights. Fond memoirs of the ‘Old Top House’ …

    2. Anon

      So, the plot thickens! There is a reason why real estate agents are one of the least respected professions. If the agent who sold the island is now working for the agent who brought the island, then surly this indicates a conflict of interest – of both agents.

  2. Anon

    I find what Lucy wrote to be very interesting. I wonder if the real estate agent who sold Slipper Island is working for the real estate agent who brought Slipper Island. Well then that would beg questions to be asked.

    I know that one third of Home Bay at Slipper Island is a TCDC public reserve. All of the public would be affected parties to whatever dwelling is proposed to be built in replacement. The site is in full view of public land.


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