Slipper Island Fire

Received notification today (1st Aug 2015) that the top house (lodge) burnt down at Slipper last night.

Not good news to wake up to.

The second suspicious fire on the island involving a director…

Hopefully this “event” will be properly and fully investigated by professionals to identify the cause!

Slipper Fire

Slipper Island top house (lodge) fire ruins 01/08/15

A further update on fire will be posted when further info is received.

Slipper Fire

Slipper fire 31/07/15. Top house (as posted on Facebook)



Sale of Slipper Island

Today an article appeared in a Sunday newspaper and on Stuff regarding the apparent “sale” of Slipper Island to a Chinese “property developer” Wendy Wei Mei Wu.

The family first learnt that the sale and purchase agreement had been signed only through the media today. The directors have refused to answer shareholders’ questions.

The agreement has been signed without authority.  The agreement is unlawful and is invalid.  The consent of 75% of the shareholders has not been given to the sale as required for a major transaction under Section 129 Companies Act.

The family asked for the “last right of refusal to purchase” but have been denied this by the two directors.

The family are seeking legal advice.

The directors have refused to attend meetings called by the shareholders. Under the Company’s Constitution “the board must call a shareholders’ meeting if requested by 20% of the shareholders.” Despite protests from the shareholders and requests to come to an agreement to retain the island in family ownership the directors would not talk. The third director was removed last year by the majority shareholder as he was voicing the concerns of the minority shareholders.

There is a conflict of interest as Hayes is the majority shareholder’s personal accountant and not the Company’s. He is running the sale. The rights of the minority shareholders are not protected. He has applied duress to the shareholders and has not obtained legal consents before proceeding. His actions are negligent with serious implications. The shareholders are making a complaint to the NZ Chartered Accountants society.

The Island being described as a “toy” for her mother by Wu’s real estate agent daughter Is upsetting.

Slipper Island is our family’s heritage and we consider this shows a lack of understanding to us and the Maori cultural heritage of the Island. Slipper Island has significant Maori cultural and historic value at a national level and plays an important part in the history of the Thames Coromandel district.  The Island is waahi tapu (sacred) to the Maori. Thirteen archaeological sites on the Island are listed with the NZ Archaeological Association, which include Maori burial sites and a large midden across the beach frontage of South Bay.  Storms have exposed human bones in the sand dunes of South Bay.

The three Maori pa sites on the headlands of Home Bay, Stingray Bay and South Bay on the West Coast are designated Historic Reserves and have conservation covenants.  The Heritage NZ Pouhere Taonga Act 2014 requires local Tangata Whenua, Ngati Hei and Nagti Maru Runga to be consulted over the sale of property with registered Maori burial sites. It is unlawful for any person to modify or destroy an archaeological site.  The adjacent Penguin, Rabbit and Shoe Islands are all in Maori ownership.  The owner of the Island must protect the Island’s significant historic Maori and landscape values.   The coastal landscape of the Island is classified as “outstanding”.

Slipper Island was purchased by our late parents forty five years ago. Our parents would be devastated by the actions of the directors.

Thanks to those that have commented with your thoughts. It is not easy having this exposed in the public domain, but we are left with no other recourse.

This post will be edited and further info will be added to this site soon…so please bookmark.

A copy of the dubious sale and purchase agreement for the island below.

Slipper Island Sale Agreement